Passion for Coffee

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The Coffee Process

In Espresso Americano we control the entire coffee process, from the harvest to the roast, ensuring quality coffee.


Our coffee is cultivated in El Paraíso, at an altitude of 1400 m., an ideal height for good quality coffee. We give the plant the necessary care and nutrients for a strong and sustained production.


We take great care in harvesting only the finest Arabica coffee beans. The coffee beans are handpicked and classified, ensuring that only the finest quality beans are selected.


Our coffee is roasted with the most strict quality standards, cupping for quality, taste and aroma before packaging, in order to serve only the best cup of coffee at Espresso Americano. 


The Coffee Process

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 Nurseries   Planting & Harvesting    Pulping 

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 Classifying    Washing     Drying
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  Packaging and Transport    Roasting    Grinding
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        Serve and Drink