Passion for Coffee

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  • 1994

    Espresso Americano opens its first coffee shop in the historic district of downtown Tegucigalpa, revolutionizing the coffee retail business in Honduras; the innovative Granita® is introduced.



  • 1995

    The second store is opened at Mall Los Castaños in Tegucigalpa.



  • 1996

    Operations begin in the city of San Pedro Sula, with stores in Mall Multiplaza, Gran Vía, and Mall Megaplaza.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 5



  • 1998

    Stores are opened in Toncontín International Airport and Mall Multiplaza in Tegucigalpa; another store is opened in San Pedro Sula in Mall Megaplaza.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 8



  • 1999

    A second store opens at Mall Multiplaza and additionally Mall El Dorado, and Mall Plaza Miraflores.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 11

  • 2000

    Expansion continues in the northern region of the country opening a location at the International Airport of San Pedro Sula.


    Espresso Americano launches the Mochaccino® beverage.


    Espresso Americano becomes a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and is currently a member.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 14



  • 2001

    The first "stand alone" coffee shop is inaugurated in Tegucigalpa; stores at La Colonia Supermarket, Suyapa Boulevard, Honduras National University (UNAH), and Colonial Center in Tegucigalpa are opened.


    Operations begin in the city of La Ceiba at the Goloson International Airport and historic downtown locations.


    Additionally, the first store is opened in the southern region of the country, in Choluteca, at Plaza del Sur.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 24



  • 2002

    Expansion continues with additional stores in Comayagua, at the Food Court of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) inside Soto Cano Airforce Base (Palmerola).


    Locations are opened in the downtown area of the city of Puerto Cortes and the first store is inaugurated at Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport in Roatán, Bay Islands.


    An agreement with ExxonMobil is signed to operate Espresso Americano inside the On the Run convenience stores (now PUMA Energy).


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 41



  • 2003

    The first drive-thru store is opened and expansion continues in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and Villanueva, Cortes.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 49



  • 2004

    The first store open in the city of El Progreso, in the northern region of Honduras.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 56

  • 2005

    The first stores are opened in Siguatepeque, Comayagua and Juticalpa, Olancho.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 62

  • 2006

    The first store is opened in Danlí, El Paraíso, in the eastern region of Honduras.


    Espresso Americano launches the prepaid Coffee Card®, the first of its kind in Central America.


    Espresso Americano signed an agreement with Wal-Mart Honduras and opened a store inside the United States Embassy.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 73



  • 2007

    First stores are opened in the cities of Copan, Tela and Choloma.


    The gourmet packaged coffee House Blend is launched, for sale in all Espresso Americano locations and at the best supermarkets across the country.


    Espresso Americano partners with YouthAIDS and Pasmo to help fight and prevent the spread of the HIV/Aids virus.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 94



  • 2008

    The first store opens in the city of El Paraíso, region where our coffee is cultivated.


    Espresso Americano launches the Japaccino® beverage; sales of Decaf Coffee begin in all Espresso Americano stores.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 113



  • 2009

    Espresso Americano launches the Frappuchata® beverage and starts its coffee beyond borders strategy, searching for franchisees outside Honduras.


    The fourth store is opened in Roatán, at the Mahogany Bay Cruise Port.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 119



  • 2010

    Espresso Americano strengthens its partnership with university institutions, opening stores at UNITEC and the Catholic University of Honduras. Espresso Americano opens its doors inside the United Nations building.


    The second store is opened in Santa Rosa de Copan, in the historic downtown and the first drive-thru in Choluteca.


    Espresso Americano franchise program develops in Central America and the Caribbean.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 128



  • 2011

    Espresso Americano continues growing beyond borders with stores in Costa Rica.


    The first drive-thru in a mayor city highway is opened.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 142



  • 2012

    Two additional locations are opened in Costa Rica at Multiplaza Escazu and Multiplaza del Este.


    4 stores are inaugurated in City Mall in Tegucigalpa.


    Espresso Americano launches flavored iced teas 


    Espresso Americano stores Total =149


  • 2013


    Espresso Americano introduces its refreshed new image, with the opening of stores in Metrópolis and Juan Pablo Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa and its fifth location in Choluteca.


    Espresso Americano continues expanding its passion for coffee with its first location in Metromall in Panama City, Panama, placing its short term plan in the rest of the region.


    Espresso Americano stores Total = 156