Passion for Coffee

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Our History

In 1994, Espresso Americano opened its first store in the downtown historic district of Tegucigalpa, with a small roaster serving the best coffee in Honduras. This revolutionized the coffee retail business, selling personalized beverages in a specialty coffee shop.


Today we have in operation more than 180 company-owned stores in 25 cities, generating employment for 1000 families nationwide.


We are committed to serving only the best coffee, complying with the most strict quality standards. Espresso Americano is a vertically integrated company, ensuring the necessary controls during the complete coffee processing steps, from bean to cup.


Our served beverages are of the highest quality. We offer an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks, including our patented frozen Coffee Granita®. We also offer a wide variety of pastries and gourmet snacks to satisfy everyone's taste.


We provide an excellent customer service in a relaxed environment to make each visit to Espresso Americano a unique and enjoyable experience for our customers.


All this contributes to make Espresso Americano the best cup of coffee served in the region, cup after cup, in any of our locations, between the journey from home and work.


Let us make a difference in your day!



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