Passion for Coffee

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Our Mission Statement


Our Passion is to serve the best products, using premium quality raw materials and controlling every step of production in order to be the supplier of the best cup of coffee in Honduras and the rest of Central America.


In Espresso Americano we provide an excellent work environment for our employees and collaborators so that they can share and transmit that passion to our customers.


Our commitment goes beyond coffee, providing a memorable experience for our clients with excellent customer service. We want our stores to become the preferred gathering place between home and work, to meet with friends and family, where our customers can enjoy a unique sense of belonging.


Espresso Americano has always been an integral part of society, with our responsibility to contribute in a positive way to improve the quality of life of the communities where we live and where we have a presence. We understand the problems our country and the world face today, and we strive to develop solutions and environmentally friendly products.